Times supplement

September 14th, 2014 by paul mayes

Even while I was on holiday I was brought back into contact with project management through a “Times” Raconteur supplement on September 11th. Some interesting overviews and your stakeholders may have looked at it

Project based learning

September 4th, 2014 by paul mayes

I have kept in touch with University of Kentucky material for staff since visiting there and I recently was able to help a client by showing them the U Kentucky staff toolkit apge on project based learning. Very useful to any organisation and viewable at http://ukfacultytoolkit.wordpress.com/high-impact/capstone/

Yet another template site

August 30th, 2014 by paul mayes

Once again this week I have received a number of recommendations for institutional web sites with good material. An especially good one is that of Loyola University Chicago at http://www.luc.edu/pmo/documentation_pmt.shtml

Slideshow on grant project proposals

August 24th, 2014 by paul mayes

This week I was able to use Robert Porter’s very interesting and amusing slideshow on writing successful grant proposals (while avoiding common proposal pitfalls). I first visited Virginia Tech in 2009 and have kept in touch with their Research Division material since. The slideshow can be seen at http://courses.cs.vt.edu/cs5014/F02/GrantWriting.ppt


August 16th, 2014 by paul mayes

In this last week I had an inteesting exchange of emails about the closure phase of a project. I was able to recommend two additional public sources in addition to ones I have peviously blogged about. The new sources (both from universities) are at http://www.utas.edu.au/__data/assets/word_doc/0019/440272/Project-Closure-and-Post-Implementation-Report-and-Guide.docx  and http://tech.sfsu.edu/sites/sites7.sfsu.edu.it/files/SFSU%2520Project%2520Close%2520Checklist%2520Template%2520v0.3.pdf

Project management policy

August 10th, 2014 by paul mayes

My thanks go to a former colleague who send me a link to a simple but very effective “Project management policy” from the Australian Catholic University. It would be a good starting point for any institution thinking about writing a policy. It can be downloaded in Word at http://www.acu.edu.au/policy/governance/project_management_policy

The vocabulary of project based learning

July 29th, 2014 by paul mayes

A new article on the terminology of PBL has already been of help to my clients a few times since it appeared in May at http://www.friedtechnology.com/2013/05/brief-guide-to-vocabulary-for-project.html?m=1

Project proposal template

July 20th, 2014 by paul mayes

It’s been a long while since I visited the University of North Texas but I have always kept in touch with their documentation. Recently I used a project proposal template from UNT in a discussion session. The template can be downloaded at https://www.unt.edu/president/forms/ProjectProposalTemplateEvaluationForm.pdf

Creative arts student projects

July 13th, 2014 by paul mayes

Recently I have been invloved quite a lot with creative arts higher education and I was especially impressed by a particular guide for students on starting projects that is produced by the University of the Arts. Well worth looking at at http://www.arts.ac.uk/student-jobs-and-careers/resources/freelancing-and-business-basics/starting-a-project/

Projects that bring change and demonstating this to stakeholders

July 3rd, 2014 by paul mayes

I am currently advising a college that wants to start a course that will enable participants to show stakeholders that a project will bring real benefits in terms of change.  The course must give the tools to show measurable value to the stakeholders. I have blogged quite a lot in the past about new ways of demonstating benefits and impact. I see the main course components (roughly following the Cranfield approach) as:

  • Identifying and selecting initiatives for change that will guarantee demonstratable benefits
  • How to connect stakeholders to the project
  • Starting  and keeping  initiatives for change on the right track to deliver the promised benefits
  • Improving and showcasing the participant’s  skills as an effective  leader of change.

I will put the full stucture of the new course on Slideshare when the college publicise it