Apology and another university site recommended by a reader

July 5th, 2015 by paul mayes

My recent holiday and my appointment as Principal of the new Monarch College London have distracted me from blogging recently.The Monarch College London role builds on my increasing work in the last few months on credentialing or badging of student experience, competences or knowledge.

However, I do occasionally do a little bit of project management work and will keep this blog going. It has been going since 2009.

Readers continue to be very kind about recommending ‘open’ web sites that contain good material on project management in learning or teaching. The latest recommendation is for the University of Leicester at http://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/researchsupport/lifecycle/manage-1 and I agree that it contains some ideas I haven’t seen elsewhere

Critical friends

June 12th, 2015 by paul mayes

Last week I was updating a presentation on using critical friends in projects. I blogged about this a few times back in 2012 but a more recent JISCInfoNet-based article on this is worth looking at. It can be found at http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/blog/critical-friends-camel-model/

Institutional web site for project management of learning and teaching projects

May 29th, 2015 by paul mayes

Back in 2009 when this blog began, I recommended the University of Tasmania web site for the project management of learning and teaching projects. After a request yesterday from a reader for an up-to-date recommendation, I felt I should re-recommend the site. It is viewable at http://www.teaching-learning.utas.edu.au/elearning/managing-project

Post implementation review

May 17th, 2015 by paul mayes

When recently I was asked to facilitate a large post project review, my material still drew on that which I blogged about in March 2013 but I believe that the checklist at http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newPPM_74.htm is a good place to start for anyone new to the idea

More templates

May 5th, 2015 by paul mayes

Readers are very kind in sending me recommendations for good higher education template sites. The latest is from the University of Wisconsin and certainly contains ideas I will use in future plus some very interesting webinar slide presentations. It can see seen at http://quality.wisc.edu/project-management-tools-and-templates.htm

Online courses on project management

April 23rd, 2015 by paul mayes

I have been pleased that a number of college staff have acted on my recommendation and undertaken more structured training or academic courses on project management. These courses both improve or expand their skills as well as getting credentials their achievement. A recent article summarises the features of 5 online course of which two are free. My college cleints have undertaken courses with both of the free providers and were impressed with the experience. The article is at http://blog.capterra.com/the-5-best-online-project-management-courses/

Fitting in project based learning (PBL) into the curriculum

April 15th, 2015 by paul mayes

If you are interested in PBL or even the occasional use of projects for learning, then a recent paper gives very good practical advise on fitting the idea into an existing curriculum. It can be found at http://www.edutopia.org/blog/fitting-in-pbl-beth-holland

Consensus building

April 1st, 2015 by paul mayes

Recently I have been re-visiting the Six Sigma Green Belt skills I gained during  pleasant work at the Wilton Centre in 2007. Study on the new ASQ certified Body of Knowledge threw up a very useful article on consensus building in project teams – another current area of work for me. The article is at http://www.isixsigma.com/implementation/change-management-implementation/building-team-consensus/

Staff development course

March 25th, 2015 by paul mayes

I have been revising the outline of a course for staff on project management. Among good practice reported to me by contacts were the course outlines at http://www.sanjac.edu/sites/default/files/234/SJC%20-%20Online%20Project%20Management%20Certificate%20Program.pdf  and (under the “What will I learn” tab) at http://www.city.ac.uk/courses/short-courses/project-management-an-introduction#course-detail=1

E-learning project management

March 13th, 2015 by paul mayes

In advance of a meeting on improving e-learning projects, I noticed that I hadn’t blogged at the time about an important series of 4 articles on this subject that appeared in 2014. The fourth article (with links back to the previous three) is at http://elearningindustry.com/e-learning-project-management-tips-and-considerations